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"Diversity and technological potential of Archaea from Bulgarian hot springs"


BG09 of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, the measure "draft interinstitutional cooperation '

Programme Operator:

Ministry of Education and Science

Beneficiary State Partner:

Institute of Microbiology "Stefan Angelov", BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria

Donor State Partner:

Prof. Nils-Kare Birkeland

Faculty of Biology with Geobiologiya Center, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway

Program number:

BG D03

Project Number:


Date of approval:


Date of funding:


Date of completion:


Total grant:

€ 132348.00

Funding from EEA Grants:

€ 119113.00


Aim of the project:

By the current project archaeal diversity in Bulgarian hot springs will be elucidate and new extremophilic archaea offering new biotechnological opportunities will be isolated. Archaea are latest described kingdom of life, information for which is scarce due to their difficult cultivation. The specific role of the project is limited to transfer of the experience of Norwegian scientists in cultivation and characterization of archaea, their mechanisms for high temperature adaptation, genomics and biotechnological potential.

The expected result from the project implementation is the team of Bulgarian and Norwegian scientists to assist European researchers in their efforts to reveal the fundamental, environmental and biotechnological importance of Archaea and to contribute the development of new and promising research field in the beneficiary Bulgarian organization. The planned six months work of a young Bulgarian scientist at the Norwegian lab, who then pass on the knowledge to Bulgarian colleagues is consistent with the Program line for the increase of scientific exchange and increase the expertise and the importance of research of Bulgarian scientists. Identification of new archaeal enzymes and polysaccharides will contribute to the development of new materials and processes with genetic sources of microorganisms isolated from Bulgarian niches.


Coordinator of the project: Assoc. Prof. DSc Margarita Kambourova, Head of Laboratory "Extremophilic bacteria", Institute of Microbiology "Stefan Angelov", BAS.


Participants in the project from Bulgarian side:

Assis. Prof. Margarita Stoilova- Disheva

Assis. Prof. Dimitrina Lyutskanova

Assis. Prof. Nadya Radchenkova

Assis. Prof. Ivanka Boyadzhieva

Assist. Prof. Spassen Vassilev

PhD student Nicoleta Boteva