Microbiologia Balkanica 2011, 7th Balkan Congress of Microbiology, Belgrade, Serbia,
October 25-29, 2011


FEMS 4th Congress of European Microbiologists, Geneva,
Switzerland, June 26-30, 2011


ESF II Workshop
Who  We Are and What We Do
June 29-30, 2011


24th International Conference on Antiviral Resarch, Sofia, Bulgaria, May 8-11, 2011


Famelab - BeautifulScience-British Council, Bulgaria


Club Young Scientists


Pitagor 2011 awarded to two researchers from The Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology


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Head: Professor Atanas Pavlov, DSc


Tel: +359 898 690 599


e-mail: at_pavlov@yahoo.com






Professor Atanas Ivanov Pavlov, DSc, phone +359 898 690 599,

e-mail: at_pavlov@yahoo.com

Assoc. Professor Dr.  Konstanca Pavlova, phone: +359 32 642 430;


Assoc. Professor Dr.  Dora Milenova Beshkova, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: beshkova@yahoo.com

Assoc. Professor  Dr.  Ginka Ivanova Frengova, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: vafrengov@abv.bg

Assoc. Professor  Dr.  Milen Ivanov Georgiev, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: milen.georgiev@mailbox.tu-dresden.de

Assist. Professor Dr. Vasil Georgiev Georgiev, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: vasgeorgiev@gmail.com

Microbiologist Tatyana Stoyanova Gocheva, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: zvezdolet@abv.bg

Microbiologist Katerina Atanasova Georgieva, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: katia_ag@abv.bg

Biologist Ivan Georgiev Ivanov, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: ivanov_ivan.1979@yahoo.com

Technologist Elka Vasileva Genova, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: elisgen@yahoo.com

Technologist Svetla Stojkova, phone: +359 32 642 430;

e-mail: svetla_6408@abv.bg

Technician Vasilka Dimitrova Ushterova, phone: +359 32 642 430




            The scientific group in the Laboratory of Applied Biotechnologies works into two directions: microbial and plant biotechnologies. The implemented investigations are closely connected with the metabolism of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and the possibilities for its regulation with the aim of establishing biotechnologies for production of biologically active substances for medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries; starter cultures and additives for the food industry.


The microbial biotechnologies are directed to investigations of physiology and biochemistry of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria for synthesis of biologically active substances. Metabolite properties of new isolated mesophilic and psychrophilic yeasts and lactic acid bacteria for synthesis of enzymes, exopolysaccharides, carotenoids, antimicrobial peptides, lipids e.t.c. are being explored. Morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of lactic acid bacteria cultivated as a monoculture and in associations are the base for formation of starter cultures for producing dairy products of high physiological and nutritional values.


The scientific research in plant biotechnologies include the establishment of plant in vitro culture systems and their application in the biosynthesis of low molecular weight biologically active substances (including additives and antioxidants for the food industry), enzymes and polysaccharides. Scientific investigations regarding the biosynthetic processes optimization, isolation, purification and identification of the synthesized metabolites are being fulfilled. Special attention is being devoted to application of different approaches to improve the effectiveness of the biosynthetic processes (selection, elicitation, two-phase systems cultivation e.t.c.).


            The laboratory maintains active contacts with universities and scientific research centers in Bulgaria and abroad (Germany, France, Italy and The Netherlands).

            The investigations in the laboratory are being realized via projects financed by NATO, EU and National Research Foundation of Bulgaria.