Head: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov, MD, PhD


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Assoc. Prof. Petya Dimitrova, PhD

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Molecular Biologist  Milena Leseva, PhD

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Kalin Stoyanov, student

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Victor Kostov, student                                                         

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Prof. Tchavdar Vassilev, MD, PhD, DS


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Assist. Prof. Iglika Djoumerska-Alexieva, MD, PhD


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The Laboratory of Experimental immunotherapy has a research program streamlined by the common goal of bringing novel immunological concepts to therapeutic approaches applicable in the clinic. The group of Prof. Dr. Tchavdar Vassilev is a leader in research on immunoregulatory properties of intravenous immunoglobulin preparations. The team is recognized for its competence and discoveries in the field of induced polyspecificity of antibodies, especially with the impressive results in the experimental treatment of sepsis using modified immunoglobulin preparations. Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov and his group studied the molecular mechanisms of immunogenicity of biologicals and the structural basis of antibody specificity and polyspecificity. Following the overall strategy of the laboratory to actively explore immunological approaches based on new systems biology paradigms, this team dedicated the last years to the development of a new direction in immunodiagnostics – the systematic analysis of antibody repertoires. This experimental program opens the way for a diversification of the OMICS technologies in immunology. Omics approaches in diagnostics and therapy are also the focus of the third line of investigations. The team of Assoc. Prof. Petya Dimitrova is dedicated to developing of a high-content Cellomics platform for drug screening and discovery. The efforts are directed to the development and implementation of precise multi-parametric analysis for studying the alterations in immune cellular functions after treatment with natural compounds, small molecule inhibitors of histone deacetylases and inhibitors of kinases associated with metabolic signaling pathways in autoimmune diseases and disorders, associated with chronic inflammation.

The Laboratory of Experimental immunotherapy regularly wins grants from the National Research Fund and International Funding sources, eg .: EU FP; NATO; Internal Funding of the Network of the Pasteur Institutes; Bilateral collaboration grants with France and Switzerland; Mechanism of the European Economic Area with Norway


2020-2023: FNI, КP-06-Н37/24: Intelligent platform for management, analysis and integration of large arrays of biomedical data. CoPI: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov, PI: Assoc. Prof. V Gancheva, Technical University -Sofia.

2020-2023: ACIP, m6A_RAIAV: The lung epitranscriptome and chromatin accessibility landscape in rheumatoid arthritis complicated by the flu. PI: Milena Leseva. CoPI: Dr. M. Hasan, Institute Pasteur-Paris, France, CoPI: S. Barbezange, Sciensano Belgium. Link:

2020-2021: FNI, КP-06-Н33/5: Comparative characteristics of exome spectra and antibody repertoire in Bulgarian patients with Alzheimer’s, fronto-temporal and unspecified dementia. CoPI: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov, PI:  dr. S. Kacharnak, Мedical University-Sofia.

2018-2021: FNI, КP-06–Н21/14: Antiphospholipid antibody reactivity profile in women with habitual abortion. CoPI: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov, PI: dr. S. Pashova, IBIR-BAS.

2019-2021: КP-06-Russia-5. Polyspecificity of immunoglobulin A and G. PI: Assoc. Prof. Petya Dimitrova in collaboration with dr. Еkaterina Gorshkova, Lobachevski State University of Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. Link:

2017-2021: DN 11/5_2017. Sirtuins (SIRTs)- new target for fine-tuning of epigenetic regulation of the joint inflammation during flu infections. PI: Assoc. prof. Petya Dimitrova in collaboration with dr. Lora Simeonova, Department of Virology, The Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology, BAS. Link:

2016-2021: NSF DN01-64. Proteomic analysis of the repertoire of IgM antibodies in patients with brain tumors. PI: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov, in collaboration with Dr. Dilyan Ferdinandov from the Sofia Medical University.

2015-2017: NSF B02/275. Physiological role and therapeutic potential of antibodies with induced polyspecificity. PI: Prof. Tchavdar Vassilev.

2015-2017: EEA Grants, Program BG09, D03-103. Rational design of antibody repertoire probes using peptide arrays. PI: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov, in collaboration with Prof. Eivind Hovig from the Tumor Immunology Department of the Oslo University Hospital, Norway.

2012-2015: SNSF IZEBZO_142967: Design of modified immunoglobulin preparations with induced polyspecificity for passive immunotherapy of sepsis. PI: Prof. Tchavdar Vassilev.

2012-2017: Anti-Biopharmaceutical Immunization: Prediction and Analysis of Clinical Relevance to Minimize the Risk (ABIRISK). Consortium in the framework of IMI. Prof. Anastas Pashov participated as a collaborator to INSERM U872, Paris in WP3.

2012-2014: ACIP A07-2012. Therapeutic potential of modified pooled IgM and IgG preparations in experimental severe inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and sepsis. PI: Prof. Tchavdar Vassilev.

2010-2013: FP7-PEOPLE-2009-RG 248289, Marie Curie International Re-integration Grants (IRG). Translational study on the antigen presenting properties of human vs mouse B cell subpopulations. PI: Assoc. Prof. Anastas Pashov

2011-2013: ACIP/A05_11. The role of neutrophils and NK cells in the development of collagenase-induced osteoarthritis. PI: Assoc. Prof. Petya Dimitrova, Institute of Microbiology-Sofia, in collaboration with Prof. Angela Santoni, University La Sapienza-Rome and Dr. Crina Stavaru, Cantacuzino Institute-Bucharest


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