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Technician Teodora Radostinova Alexieva

Assist. Prof. Venelin Hubenov, PhD
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Assist. Prof. Elena Chukova, PhD
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Engineer Georgi Vulevski
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Researcher Snejanka Mihailova
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Technician, biotech. synthesis Irina Petrova Nikolova
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Technician, biotech. synthesis Neven Hristov Dimitrov
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  • Physiology, biochemistry, biosynthesis and identification of primary and secondary metabolites of actinomycetes and filamentous fungi. Research is focused on: taxonomy, physiology, biochemistry and biosynthesis of enzymes and Optimization of cultivation conditions for extracellular hydrolytic enzymes and other biologically active substances from free and immobilized cells. Characteristics of the obtained enzyme preparations and investigation of the possibilities for their application.
  • Investigation on physiological response of microorganisms to different pollution: heavy metals, phenol, oil products.
  • Bioremediation of different xenobiotics by free and immobilized cells.
  • Detoxification of aquatic ecosystems, contaminated by heavy metals and phenol derivatives.
  • Development of variants of technologies for microbial synthesis of amino acids (lysine, valine, leycin), depending on the sources of the raw material.
  • Creation of an unique technological scheme for the purification of CO2 from biogas based on the use of microalgae in high-efficiency photobioreactors. Microalgal cultivation scheme has been developed to multiply the use of their biomass both for energy purposes and for the production of valuable biologically active substances. A new original strategy for modeling, optimization and scaling of column photobiorectors has been developed.




  • Cultivation of micro-algae in innovative photo-bioreactor for carbon dioxide sequestration from industrial waste gases from different sources and synthesis of high value products”. 2014-2017 “Special Visiting Researcher” under the program “Science without Borders” (CNPq/MCTI), №: 313737/2014-2. Project collaborators: West Parana State University, Department of Chemical Engineering. Including scientific staff of 4 professors, two post-docs, a PhD student, and a undergraduate student. Several authorized companies for performing different analysis are involved, as well. Project leader:  Assoc. Professor Alexander Kroumov, PhD, Institute of Microbiology- BAS”
  • "Anaerobic biodegradation of lignocellulosic wastes in order to produce biogas and utilization of carbon dioxide in it by using microalgae”. Grant DFNI-E01/0001 from the National Science Fund, Republic of Bulgaria. Project leader:  Assoc. Professor Alexander Kroumov, PhD, Institute of Microbiology- BAS
  • Effective doctoral training and support of the development of post-docs and young scientists in the priority of microbiology”. Grant BG051PO001-3.3.04/32 Operational Programme Human Resource Development Collaborators: Faculty of Biology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Participant: Assist. Professor A. Bratchkova Project manager: Acad. Angel Galabov
  • Optimization of fermentation processes for amino acid production”. Agreement for cooperation project between Institute of Microbiology – BAS and RTM “Recourses + Technologies – Management”, Germany Project leader:  Assoc. Professor  Alexander Ratkov, Institute of Microbiology- BAS
  • Cariing of test and demonstration experiments” Two Bilateral Agreements for cooperation project between   Institute of Microbiology – BAS and Company “Plemzavod-Jubileinie”, Russian Federation. Project leader:  Assoc. Professor  Alexander Ratkov, Institute of Microbiology- BAS“
  • "Biotechnological and eco-friendly approach for effective utilization of waste plant biomass for compost and soil improvements”. Grant BG161 PO00-1.1.06-0064-C 0001/2012-2014 from the Operational Programme “Development of the Competiviveness of the Bulgarian Economics”, EU, European Regional Development Fund. Project collaborators: “Inovet” OOD, Sofia, Bulgaria. Project leaders: Assoc. Professor A. Gousterova and Assoc. Professor K. Tsekova
  • Detoxication of water ecosystems contaminated with heavy metals and xenobiotics”. Grant DO02-185/08 from the National Science Fund, Republic of Bulgaria. Project collaborators: Faculty of Chemical at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Project supervisor: Professor V. Becshkov, DSc Project leader:  Assoc. Professor K. Tsekova




  • Kroumov, A. D., Scheufele, F. B., Trigueros, D. E. G., Modenes, A. N., Zaharieva, M., Najdenski, H. Modeling and techno-economic analysis of algae for bio-energy and co-products. Algal Green Chemistry: Recent Progress in Biotechnology, 1, Elsevier, in press: 2016, ISBN:9780444637840
  • Bratchkova, A., Ivanova, V. Isolation, identification and biological activities of cyclic dipeptides from Antarctic microorganisms. Comptes Rendus de’l Academie Bulgare des Sciences 2017, (in press).
  • Blanco, Silvia P Monte, Scheufele, Fabiano Bisinella, Módenes, Aparecido N, Espinoza-Quiñones, Fernando R, Marin, Pricila, Kroumov, Alexander D, Borba, Carlos E. Kinetic equilibrium and thermodynamic phenomenological modeling of reactive dye adsorption onto polymeric adsorbent. Chemical Engineering Journal, 307, MS#: CEJ-D-16-03657, Elsevier, 2017, ISSN:1385-8947, DOI:, 466-475. SJR:1.743, ISI IF:5.31
  • Trigueros, Daniela Estelita Goes, Hinterholz, Camila L, Fiorese, Mônica L, Aragão, Gláucia M, Schmidell, Willibaldo, Reis, Maria A, Kroumov, Alexander D. Statistical evaluation and discrimination of competing kinetic models and hypothesis for the mathematical description of poly-3(hydroxybutyrate) synthesis by Cupriavidus necator DSM 545. Chemical Engineering Science, 160, 20–33. 2017 ISSN:0009-2509, DOI:, 20-33. ISI IF:2.75
  • Espinoza-Quinones, Fernando Rodolfo, Módenes, Aparecido Nivaldo, Souza, Ariádine R R.C de, Trigueros, Daniela E.G., Pauli, Aline R. de, Souza, Patrícia S.C. de, Kroumov, Alexander D.. Removal performance, antibacterial effects and toxicity assessment of ciprofloxacin treated by the electro-coagulation process. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 227, Springer, 2016, ISSN:0049-6979, DOI:10.1007/s11270-016-3165-8, 460. ISI IF:1.551
  • Hristov A., Christova N., Kabaivanova L., Nacheva L., Stoyneva I., Petrov P. Simultaneous biodegradation of phenol and n-hexadecane by immobilized in cryogel biosurfactant producing strain Rhodococcus wratislawiensis BN38. Polish Journal Microbiology, 65, 3, 2016, ISSN:1733-1331, 287-293. ISI IF:0.75
  • Kroumov, A. D., Módenes, A. N., Trigueros, D. E. G., Espinoza-Quinones, F. R., Borba, C. E., Scheufele, F. B., Hinterholz, C. L.. A systems approach for CO2 fixation from flue gas by microalgae–theory review. Process Biochemistry, 51, 11, Elsevier, 2016, ISSN:1359-5113, 1817-1832. ISI IF:2.529
  • Tsekova, K., Todorova, D., Ganeva, S. Influence of operating conditions on the removal of heavy metals from industrial wastewater by biosorption. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 14, 10, 2015, ISSN:1582-9596, 2327-2332. ISI IF:1.008
  • Gousterova A., Paskaleva D., Vasileva-Tonkova E. Characterization of culturable thermophilic actinobacteria from Livingston Island, Antarctica. International Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 3, 2014, ISSN:2278-3202, 30-36
  • Hristov A., Christova N., Nacheva L., Stoineva I., Kabaivanova L. Biodegradation potential of Nocardia farcinica BN26 for xenobiotics mineralization. Comptes rendus de l'Acad_emie bulgare des Sciences, 67, 6, 2014, ISSN:1310-1331, 821-830. ISI IF:0.38
  • Ratkov AB., Dimov II., Petkova RP., Kristeva JG., Filipov FI. Amino acids microbial production. Journal of Biotechnology, Volume 185, Supplement, September 2014, ISSN 0168-1665, p. S24 (
  • Chernev, G., Kabaivanova, L., Salvado, M., Todorova, E., Ivanova, J. Sol-gel hyrid materials applied as matrices for a co-immobilized system of bacteria and algae. J. Appl. Chem. 2(6), 2013, 1665-673. ISSN 2278-1862
  • Christova N., Petrov P., Kabaivanova L. Biosurfactant production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa BN10 cells entrapped in cryogels. Z. Naturforsch., 68 c, 2013, 47-52. ISI IF:0.772
  • Tsekova K., Chernev G., Hristov A., Kabaivanova L. Phenol biodegradation by fungal cells immobilized in sol-gel hybrids. Z. Naturforsch. C, 68c, 2013, 53. ISI IF:0.772
  • Bratchkova A., Ivanova V., Gousterova A., Laatsch H. β-Carboline alkaloid constituents from a Thermoactinomyces sp. strain isolated from Livingston Island, Antarctica. Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. Eq., 26, 3, 2012, ISSN:1310-2818, 3005-3009. ISI IF:0.76


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