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  • Experimental chemotherapy of viral infections: Wide-scope screening for antiviral activity of substances product of chemical synthesis and natural products.  Main antiviral models (enteroviruses, influenza viruses, toga- and flaviviruses (bovinе viral diarrhea virus, respiratory syncytial virus, human adenoviruses, herpesviruses, vaccinia virus) Development of new antivirals. Chemical structure – antiviral activity relationship. Combinations effects.  Mechanism of action. Drug resistance (phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of drug-resistant mutants). Animal models of enteroviral infection and influenza virus infections.
  • Biological response modifiers (BRM) as antivirals: antioxidants, immunomodulators, interferon inducers; combination effects of antivirals and BRM.
  • Virucidal microbicides: development of hand and space disinfectants.
  • Oncolytic viruses: parvovirus H-1 – characteristics.
  • Human papillomaviruses: role in cervical cancer and other neoplasma localisations; molecular genetic epidemiology.
  • Balkan endemic nephropathy: role of viruses in pathogenesis.





  • New derivatives of 2-cyano-4-nitrobenzene and analogues with promising antiviral activity (2019-2022), Bulgarian Science Fund
    PI: Assoc. Prof. Georgi Dobrikov – Institute of Organic Chemistry,
    BAS. Team from SAIM: Laboratory of Experimental Chemotherapy of Enteroviral Infections.
  • Biological activities of Bulgarian rose oils and approach to waste valorisation resulting from their production (2019-2022), Bulgarian Science Fund
    PI: Assoc. prof. Milka Mileva, PhD
  • Novel biological approaches for limiting infectious pathology in fish relevant to aquaculture through probiotics and their post-metabolites (2019-2022), Bulgarian Science Fund
    PI: Assist Prof. George Atanassov,  PhD – Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, BAS.
    Team from SAIM: Prof. Svetla Danova, PhD student Lili Dobreva, Dr. Neli Vilhelmova and Dr. Lora Simeonova. 
  • Activity of combinations of enteroviral inhibitors with clarified mechanism of action and small RNA against enteroviruses
    PI: Associate Prof. Maria Stoyanova, PhD,  Team-leader for The Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology – Prof. Angel S. Galabov
  • Sirtuins (SIRT) – novel targets for selective epigenetic fine-tuning of joint inflammatory pathology during influenza viral infection
    PI: Associate Prof. Petya Dimitrova, PhD, Team-leader for Department of Virology- Assist.Prof. Lora Simeonova, PhD


  • Project for young scientists: “Highly Efficient Chemotherapy of Coxackievirus B3 Infections” (2015-2017); Project leader – Adelina Stoyanova; Sponsored under the program “Supporting Young Scientists and PhD Students” 2016, at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Project for young scientists: “Study of the combined effect of oseltamivir and S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) on oxidative damage in experimental influenza infection” (2015-2017), Project leader – Adriana Dimitrova, sponsored under the program “Supporting young scientists and PhD students 2016, at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  •  Project  DFNI B02 / 11: “Synthesis and anti-enteroviral activity of novel diaryl ethers and their complexes with cyclodextrins” (2014-2017); Project leader – Acad. Dr. Angel S. Galabov, PhD; Sponsored by the Science Fund; Collaborator “Institute of Organic Chemistry with a Center for Phytochemistry” at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Project DFNI B01-13: “New Approach to High Efficacy Chemotherapy of Enterovirus Infections” (2012-2017); Project leader – Acad. Dr. Angel S. Galabov, PhD; Sponsored by the Science Fund.
  • Project DFNI B01-19: “A modern alternative for the prophylaxis and treatment of influenza virus infection – multitarget approaches with highly efficient combination of antiviral chemotherapeutics and biologically active compounds” (2012-2017); Project leader – Assist. Prof. Lora Simeonova, PhD; Sponsored by the Science Fund.
  • Project: "Balkan endemic nephropathy", Project leader – Acad. Dr. Angel S. Galabov, at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Interacademic project BAS – SASA)
  • Project: “Balkan endemic nephropathy” Project leader – Acad. Dr. Angel S. Galabov, at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Complex program of scientific collaboration BAS – MANU).
  • Project: “Genetic profile of the population in Bulgarian lands during the Thracian period: new perspectives in Bulgarian history” Project leader – Acad. Dr. Angel S. Galabov, sponsored by BAS.




  • Associate Professor Milka Mileva, PhD:
    Specialization at National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Sciences and Technology, Tokyo, Japan (October-November, 2016)
  • Assistant Professor Lora Simeonova, PhD
    Specialization  (June-July, 2014) “Influenza Viruses And Host Cell Signaling Pathways – Novel Targets For Antiviral Therapy” Institute Of Molecular Virology, Munster, GermanySupervisor: Prof. Stephan LudwigGrant: Project №BG051РО001/3.3-05-0001 Operational program „Development of human resources “, Project „Science-Business”, Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria
    Research fellowship (3 months, 2010) „Molecular Detection of Genetic Markers of Resistance of Influenza Viruses to Neuraminidase Inhibitors and Adamantanes“– France, Institut Pasteur Paris, Centre National de Référence du Virus Influenzae (Région France Nord). Supervisor: Prof. Sylvie van der WerfGrant- FEMS (Federation of European Microbiology Societies)




  • Organization of the 23rd International Conference on Antiviral Research, Sofia, May 2011.
  • Preparing and editing of the monograph “Balkan Endemic Nephropathy: a Comprehensive View“ (Sofia 2016)
  • Development of novel method for treatment of enteroviral infections: consecutive alternating administration (CAA) treatment course of triple combination of enteroviral inhibitors
  • Development the highly effective antiviral microbicide Manorapid Synergy (cooperation with Antiseptica Ltd., Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Characteristic of the virolytic effect of parvovirus H-1 (collaboration with German Center for Cancer Research, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Establishment of synergistic combination effect of oseltamivir and a-tocopherol against influenza virus A(H3N2) infection
  • Clearing-up of the mechanism of effectivity of the triple combination according to CAA treatment scheme in enteroviral combination
  • Clearing-up the mechanism of drug-resistance of disoxaril at enteroviral in vivo infection
  • Discovery of elagitanines as highly effective inhibitors of herpes simplex virus and establishment of their effects on acyclovir-resistant mutants of HSV
  • Molecular genetic characteristics of the role of papillomavirus spectrum in the etiology of cervical cancer and pre-cancer states in Bulgarian women 
  • Characteristics of antiviral effects of Esberitox N, a triple mixed herbal extract
  • Clearing-up of the mechanism of action of oxoglaucine and MDL-860 on enterovirus replication (collaboration with National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan
  • Characteristics of effect of siRNAs against enterovirus replication




  • Assist. Prof. Adelina Stoyanova:  Prize of the Foundation “Acad. Prof. Dr Stephan Angeloff” for the best publication of young Bulgarian scientist in the domain of microbiology (2015)
  • Acad. Prof. Angel S. Galabov:   Awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences by the Sign of Honor “Marin Drinov” (2015)
  • Acad. Prof. Angel S. Galabov:  Honorary medal of the Stephan Angeloff Intitute of Microbiology (2014)




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