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  • Microbial enzymes: isolation, purification, properties, biological role.
  • Characterization and study of microbial sialidases produced by bacteria and filamentous fungi. Study of new producers of sialidase among pathogenic and saprophytic microorganisms.
  • Microbial transformation of steroid compounds and biologically active compounds of plant origin.
  • Biologically active substances of microbial and synthetic origin- antimicrobial activity, mechanisms of action.
  • Microbial surfactants (biosurfactants) – biosynthesis, isolation, purification, physical chemical properties; effect on microbial cell surface properties; application in medical, pharmacological and environmental biotechnologies.
  • Characterization and biosynthetic potential of new microbial strains isolated from extreme ecological niches for production of enzymes, antimicrobials, etc.


  • DN-01/13 of 2016 "Role of amaryllis alkaloids in the endophyte-host relationship". Duration 3 years. Leading organization: Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research - BAS. Leader: Prof. Strahil Berkov. Funding: NSF at the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • DN-16/2 of 2017 "Biocidal activity of extracts of Bulgarian plants-screening and protection of potato plantations". Duration 3 years. Leading organization: Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research - BAS. Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Milena Nikolova. Funding: NSF at the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • KP-06-21 / 13 of 2018 "New enzymes from the group of sialidases in filamentous fungi". Duration 3 years. Leading organization: Stefan Angelov Institute of Microbiology - BAS. Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radoslav Abrashev. Funding: NSF at the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • KP-06-N37 / 27 of 18.12.2019 "Intelligent textile materials with environmental and biomedical applications". Duration 3 years. Leading organization: University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia. Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Desislava Staneva. Funding: NSF at the Ministry of Education and Science.


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Article with more than 165 citations:

  • Fernandes, P., Cruz, A., Angelova, B., Pinheiro, H.M., Cabral, J.M.S. Microbial conversion of steroid compounds: recent developments. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 32(6), 2003, 688-705.

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